“Absolutely Flawless Feet”

Take the chore out of a home pedicure with the Scholl Express Pedi, voted the no.1 product for those looking to remove the hard skin on the sole of their feet.

No.1 Rated Product – Scholl Express Pedi

The Scholl Express Pedi has been carefully designed to allow the professional removal of hard skin from the sole of your feet. At the comfort of your own home you can now easily and effectively remove the hard skin from the sole of your own feet, enjoy new, smoother looking feet from now on.

We all know that the day-to-day pressure of walking and standing can take a strain on your feet, over time this prolonged pressure and friction causes a build up of hard skin which can sometimes be uncomfortable or garish to look at, well this can easily be tackled with the Scholl Express Pedi.

The ergonomically designed roller surface makes it easy to effectively get rid of the hard skin, at 2000 – 2600 RPM the roller surface can give you smoother looking feet in minutes!

What are people saying?

Bought this item a few weeks ago and my feet have never been as smooth. It’s brilliant and certainly does the job, it’s very easy to use and definitely worth the money. No more cracked heels or hard skin for me ! If you are thinking about buying this product don’t hesitate just go for it!

This is a brilliant pedi. I do not have anymore hard skin. If it returns I then use the Pedi and it takes care of it. I had to wear stockings last week at a wedding, and I never had any catches from hard skin.

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How to use the Scholl Express Pedi?

To give yourself a professional style pedicure from the comfort of your own home, simply use the Scholl Express Pedi’s special roller surface to target the affected area with light to medium pressure combined with even movements, after 1-2 minutes you will find yourself staring down at what are now soft and smooth feet. The Scholl Express Pedi can be used regularly to keep your feet soft and smooth, with our recommendation being 3-4 times per month.

Are you ready for silky, smooth feet?

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2 Year Guarantee

The Scholl Express Pedi is also covered by an amazing 2 year guarantee and also includes 2 AA  batteries so you can get rid of that garish looking hard skin right away!

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